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Microsoft Corporation, or often just MS, is an American multinational computer technology corporation with 79,000 employees in 102 countries and global annual revenue of US $51.12 billion as of 2007. It develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a wide range of software products for computing devices.

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Microsoft Reviews

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  • personal use windows 10

    I purchased windows 10 because I was advised I had to by one of your technical support employees. But I have got windows 7 on my new computer and apparently I can upgrade to windows 10 for free because I already have windows on my new computer. I paid $153.64 for windows 7 and was upgraded to windows 10. I have my purchase number etc, I have the name and employee number also. I also have the product key number. Employee: Dexter: ID Number: 1302562385. I cannot afford to unnecessarily spend money on products I may not need. I trusted in your advice and services.It actually took your... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • Telephone calls from people claiming to be Microsoft support.

    I have been receiving phone calls from people claiming to be Microsoft / TalkTalk help line. They tell me I have a lot of issues that are making my computer faulty. Like a fool I believed them and let them take control of my computer and after being asked form my personal and Bank details I smelt a rat and turned off the modem. I know a little about computer and managed to take out some of what they had installed. I am still plagued with these people and they seem to know as soon as I switch on my modem and phone me directly. BE WARNED. More...
    MrGulable's Picture   MrGulable    0 Comments   Comments
  • Microsoft 10 crashed my computer

    I couldn't wait for the new Microsoft 10 to come out for my free download.... Boy am I sorry.... I have a Dell laptop which runs off windows and never had a problem with it. Then I download mic.10. Not only does it tell me to do updates to use it but after several attempts to get it fixed by random companies that claim they worked for Microsoft then wanted 200.00 to fix it I finally found a Microsoft tech.he talks me into paying for them to work on it for 2daysand then I end up with a blue screen and the tech telling me I need to purchase a new hard drive from Dell. I also... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    Tlc9392's Picture   Tlc9392    1 Comments   Comments
  • Updating from Windows 7 to Windows 10

    Today is 8/23/2015 and I have been trying to install Windows 10 on my machine since it came out (7/29/2015). The first day it released I called their "Level 1" Customer Service and they logged in to my computer to try and see what the issue was. After 8 hours on the phone with them, yes 8 computer started to "blue screen of death" randomly as they were changing things. Since the first day I have spent over 24 hours on the phone with Microsoft trying to get it fixed. I have been escalated to "level 2" and had a grand total of about 6 different... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    Taslantic's Picture   Taslantic    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windows 10 installation

    During the installation of Windows 10, my computer froze and now just keeps trying to download the icons shown on one of the screens. I cannot access any thing other than the task manager. Called Microsoft support staff and after waiting about 5 hours from the time I was to be called, a support tech started to help resolve the problem. However, before he solved the problem, the call terminated and I was notified by e-mail that due to shift change he had to end the session. He scheduled another time but failed to call. After another call, he promised to get back to me at an agreed time... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    edpatents's Picture   edpatents    0 Comments   Comments
  • call+sms filter not working

    I recently bought Lumia 640XL. Have been using windows phone for a long..but unfortunately this time..faced difficulty in using call+ sms filter app in my new phone. Everytime wen I try using the gives message....sumthing went wrong...try again later... What to do in this case.... Kindly help resolve the above issue at the earliest....waiting for an earnest rly.... Regards More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    kritipathak's Picture   kritipathak    0 Comments   Comments
  • windows...

    I have a computer. its about 1 year and a half old. It has never worked right. It came with windows 8. It hasn't been used for along time because it never works and is more of a pain. When windows 10 came out I thought I would try and see if that would solve the issue. After waiting a few days in "line" for my download, I had installed windows 10. I then decided to do a full system refresh to make sure there wasn't any other issues other then the OS. 3 times I tried to refresh and then reset the computer. Every time it would say "unable to refresh/reset... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    kash13's Picture   kash13    0 Comments   Comments
  • EXTREMELY Disappointed

    I have been having user account issues on my laptop version Windows 8.1. with switching between user accounts. Managed to refresh my system the first time. Got back in the second time by skin on my buns. I contacted Microsoft about the problem as I have researched the issue and it all points to Microsoft and an error in W8.1. During our brief chat session in which it took some coaxing to even get responses out of my Microsoft representative, I received a simple, "contact your manufacturer, this is not our issue" response. I am so very disappointed. Lousy customer service! Very lousy. More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    ardyp's Picture   ardyp    0 Comments   Comments

    (Mobile Phones)
    arponneog123's Picture   arponneog123    0 Comments   Comments
  • live email recently changed mobile devices and cannot and have now been locked out of my email account. ive been using this account for years. ive tried the recovery protocol byt the email address I have for recovery no longer exists as it was a company email and I no longer work for that company so the account has bee deleted . ive tried the application to restore the account but the system keeps rejecting my application saying that I am not providing enough info . so frustrating its been months now and I really need access to my account. can anybody help . More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    pato's Picture   pato    0 Comments   Comments

    My surface pro 3 tablet was dropped recently, I was quoted the price online for a fixed screen repair for $330 aud. So, I sign into Microsoft a week later because I had saved up enough money. As a uni student I rarely have enough funds anyway. I sign in to pay and receive the biggest shock of my life. The price has increased to 464! I was explciitly quoted $300 by a representative after numerous lengthy chats and even have an email recorded about it. Furthermore, all the items microscoft have given me are broken. The new charger I was given to replace my old broken one BECAUSE of... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    NICOLEE57's Picture   NICOLEE57    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hotmail account suddenly disappeared, no help from Microsoft

    At around September 2014 an active (used at least weekly) hotmail account that I had been using since at least 2004 (likely earlier) disappeared. By disappeared, I mean that my login no longer worked, and the account could not be found on their database anymore. I did not request this. After hours of contact with representatives using the instant chat support feature that Microsoft offers in addition to several escalation requests and emails exchanged with various departments (most of which I have copies of) there was absolutely no progress on this matter. I was being passed around... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    steffenc's Picture   steffenc    0 Comments   Comments
  • Possible telephone Scam

    This morning I had to intervene to a call made to an elderly lady, the person calling said he was from Microsoft and I was to go onto the computer and he would help me get rid of the unwanted virsus that apparently was downloaded. l told him I could do that myself and I asked him for his telephone no, his answer was because I was refusing his help he would disconnect the lady Microsoft account. More...
    (Repair Services)
    treasure44's Picture   treasure44    1 Comments   Comments
  • Excel not working and no help given I bought Office for Mac Home & Student on 16 Feb over the phone from Microsoft Store (order 14830219100 £109.99). The sales lady came onto my mac and worked through the installation with me. WORD seems to work fine. I first tried to use EXCEL on 23 Feb. When I clicked on the logo in my dock to open Excel, my mac thought for a while and then opened about 25 non-excel documents, mostly .pdf and .jpg, but a couple of Word documents and eventually an Excel document which I had not asked to be opened. This took... More...
    dleeper's Picture   dleeper    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dell Hell and Microsoft Rip Off

    I made the gross miscalculation of purchasing Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student version from Dell. (I didn't want to spend big bucks.) I asked Dell two questions: 1. IS THE SOFTWARE ON DISK? 2. THIS IS NOT A YEARLY LICENSE IS IT? I was assured yes, it is on disk and is a permanent license. When it arrived, I learned NEITHER of those conditions were met. No disk; a key card and download site. Trying to install this garbage was also problematic; it would NOT accept the license key. I called Dell and someone did a shared session and if finally installed. However, when I... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    OldCrone52's Picture   OldCrone52    1 Comments   Comments
  • Support service.

    I am extremely dissatisfied for several reasons during my experience with Microsoft and Microsoft support: I have been trying to retrieve my Microsoft account since January 2013, I started by filling in a simple password reset form as much as I could providing as much information as I could. This went on around 30 times the first year and nothing happened other than the process not working. After googling the best process to go through next and scanning various forums which mostly mentioned Microsoft bad support, I decided to try and find a chat support if there was one. I eventually found... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Aidens31's Picture   Aidens31    0 Comments   Comments
  • Microsoft consumer report complaint

    Just to illustrate how ridiculous Microsoft is and unconcern they are for customer support. Delivery of Services is best that I could find for why I am filing this complaint. Not delivery of services, like to my home; but, yes, delivery period. Especially customer services is the listing missing from the selection provided I think incorporated and accommodates my complaint. My experience was like dealing and talking to a robot, wading through bureaucratic inertia. I can't wait to get rid of my PC. Window 8.1 and Microsoft (anything) especially can kiss my A!%! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    rssllbll55's Picture   rssllbll55    0 Comments   Comments
  • Microsoft support

    I would like to raise alarm of security issue by one of the customer support personnel . I spent one hour on the phone to a person who I authorised to access my computer to gain remote support. This person ended telling me that to activate my product ( office ) he has to transfer me to the account area who there are close, when I objected he hang up on me. Then I found out that I could do all the work by myself through switching accounts. So the person either he has no idea of what he was doing or he deliberately gained access to my account for personal reasons. More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    Robarasheedog's Picture   Robarasheedog    0 Comments   Comments
  • Microsoft MAJOR Letdown

    Recently my old Xbox 360 broke so I prordered the blue 500 Gb bundle. It arrived late and after a week of use started getting louder and smelling like burning plastic. I contacted Microsoft repeatedly to to see if this was a dangerous issue and ALL the agents told me to send it in for repairs immediately. I did and an entire month later it arrived back at my house with a note saying nothing was wrong with it. Not only did it arrive with scratches and scuffs on the outer casing, but it sounds and smells just as bad as before! AND now a month or so later is is refusing to download content... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    2theMax's Picture   2theMax    0 Comments   Comments
  • Are you kidding me

    I am a hard working citizen of the USA I work my but off for the little bit of money that I get my son last year had to have the X box 1 last year begged and begged so with the price of 700 dollars I took extra shifts to provide this for him when I saw the X box 1 this year for 349 dollars and a free game this blew my mind selling this for almost half what it was just a year ago and a free game actually made me pHisycally sick this should b made right and would like a response my email address is More...
  • Shipped the product at worng address and no help yet

    It was Thanks giving 2014 and I ordered 2 laptops online, 1 for me and 1 for my friend. So in both, Billing address was my home address but in 1 order, shipping address was my friend's address who lives in another state in USA. Got the tracking number for both of them in 2 days and when I see that both the laptops are coming at my home I contacted Microsoft immediately... And you know what happened?? NOTHING..!! They said as UPS has already got the package, they can't do anything?? They asked me to contact UPS.. When I insisted that it is Microsoft who need to resolve it with UPS,... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    rajcompsddu's Picture   rajcompsddu    1 Comments   Comments
  • Support centre Sucks

    Microsoft....... SHIT SERVICE - for two weeks I have been having a issue they sent an update to my computer that shut it down - I did not ask or say yes to this upgrade.......... they not only did this once oh no they did this twice in 1 week....... They now after they have *** up ALL the booked call back times, one even called me at 4AM...... when the call back time was between 6-7am and he wondered why I was angry when I had only got home from work and gone to bed at 3.30am..... they then decided to close my case because the level 2 tech are *** Lazy....... I am so beyond angry MICROSOFT... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • Tech shuts down my new computer

    office 365 is being charged to me & I haven't had it for a couple months. I called to request a refund & was talked into a "quick & simple reinstall" A tech went into my system for an hour, could not reinstall office but managed to shut down everything else! it has been a week now. Microsoft techs have been rude, uncaring, bunch of incompetent techs. I have been hung up on several times, lied to 2 times about a call back, & even accused of it being my fault. I have been transferred between departments each saying its the others problem. I am sure I will end up... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    mscritter's Picture   mscritter    0 Comments   Comments
  • Microsoft Auto Updates

    twice in one week my computer has done auto updates sent by Microsoft and both times it has f**** my computer. It knocks my printers off line and deletes them completely so that the computer thinks they are not connected....... this is just the start of the f*** ups caused by these updates. Cant access the games on my computer just freezes up....... And NOW when I have had to reinstall my printer the computer refuses to print pictures/photos due to what ever Microsoft did....... settings are all set to print images but none will print....... OH and now you have auto connected me to icloud... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
  • Windows 7

    Good afternoon Microsoft, i am an extremely unhappy consumer, ive turned my computer on only to recieve a phonecall from microsoft telling me that my computer will be crashing, because YOU GUYS decided to cancel windows 7 - my computers central program. i intern now need to pay in excess of $200 to renew/upgrade my licence. I the consumer SHOULD NOT have to pay any money because YOU decided to delete it! What an absolute joke. I paid an extreme amount for my computer set up with the programs, Windows is not a subscription ive PAID good money already for this PROGRAM and therefore should... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    sandyhall's Picture   sandyhall    0 Comments   Comments

    Dear Microsoft, Could you PLEASE stop doing this Hotmail protection thing. Every time i try to go into my email i have to go through numerous, tedious questions to get into it, and now I CAN'T EVEN OPEN MY INBOX. ''Call us over protective'' YOU ARE OVER PROTECTIVE. ''Call me over the top'' BUT IT'S REALLY ANNOYING AND I WANT TO OPEN MY EMAIL!!! AAAARGH!!! And i assume you are going to reply to this query via EMAIL, well now you see my predicament. Could you see to this, please and thank you have a nice day :) More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    danielle86's Picture   danielle86    0 Comments   Comments
  • X-box not working AGAIN

    We are now preparing to send back a second X-box one Kinect. The first one didn't connect at all to our television. The second one wont read any of the games we have. I have read on line that this has happened to other people and the only solution is to return it. The children are once again disappointed and I have to go through the hassle of sending the console back. I have also got to decide whether to try for a third time??? I am amazed that a company as large as yours are subjecting your customers to shoddy products (this gift was not cheap) I hope you read your customers... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Xbox music offer

    My 12 year old son was offered a 30 day xbox music offer and my credit card was on the system. Xbox automatically started billing my credit card ( one my wife uses occasionally only) . I never noticed till 8 mo later not questioning what I that was my wife's minor purchases( $ 10.49 mo). When I phoned xbox for a refund all they would credit back was one month. Oh well the $70 dollars they saved will cost them thousands of future business when I buy play station stuff for my 11 grandchildren More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    SPHMurray's Picture   SPHMurray    0 Comments   Comments
  • Surface RT Support

    I bought a Surface RT for my mom for mothers day this past May and on August 9, 2014 it stopped working, went black wouldn't charge or power on, so I followed the steps on Microsoft's website and submitted it for replacement and set it back via FedEx. Got a call this evening stating that the screen was cracked when they received it and it would cost me an additional 225.00 dollars to have it replaced or they will send it back to me to have which it will just be a paperweight as I will not be spending an additional 225.00 dollars for something that was not my fault, I told them... More...
    mguffey5's Picture   mguffey5    0 Comments   Comments
  • Microsoft rendered my computer useless

    Enter the review, complaint or question here and add detail so the Business can improve and reply to you through MeasuredUp.Consumer's Original Complaint : I sent a letter to Microsoft regarding the problem their techs had created, but to no avail. I followed up with a letter to the Better Business Bureau, and again, Microsoft did not respond. The following is a summary of my complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I Contacted Microsoft Tech Dept over a minor software malfunction on April 25, 2014. Four different techs worked on my computer at different times, for at least 50 hours... More...
    Arlene45's Picture   Arlene45    0 Comments   Comments
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